Monday, December 02, 2013

Well hello there, November! As you can see there is no snow here in London and I hope it's gonna stay like this for a while.. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and everything about it but it's just feels so much better to walk the streets with your favourite sneakers in November rather than feel your cold feet in those heavy boots. Even though, all the streets, all the houses, stores and even people are full of Christmas joy & lights wherever you might go! Yes yes yes, the time of the year is finally coming!

Today I felt like sitting in the middle of Manhattan in front of those old, big New York buildings with the stairs outside and it was amazing because I always dreamed to open my own studio there. It's great to live in such a big different city like London because you always keep finding similarities and inspiration in architecture between Paris, New York even my hometown Vilnius and London.

Today I was wearing my new candy floss pink skirt from Topshop, Zara men shirt & bag, white Converse sneakers.

See you,

ph: Vincas, edited by me