Friday, November 20, 2015

Lost for words about this Burberry AW/16 PRE collection. LOVE.
Talking flares + bomber jacket or oversized fur coat combo, can it be more chic and edgy at the same time? No. This is perfection.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Photos by Vika Paskelyte

Marks & Spencer turtleneck, loafers and trousers / Mango shoulder-bag 


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Photos by Vika Paskelyte and myself

 you to few weeks ago when the weather was still OK (by "OK" I mean "O"h so sunny and "K"inda warm) unfortunately it's pouring now as we speak. Back in a day I put this casual effortless work outfit (suit top and denim bottom) for my first day of the second month as a project coordinator at MAY agency. Finally got myself into something exciting while living in Vilnius but more about work and new projects soon (wink wink!)

So many of you have asked me several times to share my beauty tips or a short preview of my daily routine. Well, sorry guys it took me like what..? 5 years or so, to finally give you some basics here on the blog. But don't get too excited (no steps or video here haha) just a quick introduction to a beauty brand called "Casmara." This Spanish brand is a game-changer worth to trust. Here is my magic trio I can't live without for over three years now: 

1. Algae peel-off mask that refresh, cool my face out and restores the oval of the face. Love the smell and how soft and calm my skin feels after the procedure. Using it once a week in the morning or before sleep at home.

 2. Purifying oxygenating moisturising cream that energise my skin, applies smoothly and has an unisex formula which let me use this face cream any time of the year. Perfect for those who hate discovering different creams for winter and summer seasons each year again. Furthermore it is suitable for normal and mixed skin types.

 3. Three action cleanser that has three different acids in it to moisturise, clean and effectively improve the general appearance of the skin. Using it almost every evening before bed time. 

So here we are, no secrets behind it just three simple steps I follow and one beauty brand I love. Thanks to www.shopcosmoprof.com and feel free to ask for some free samples to try my recommendations out for yourself.

Topshop top and scarf /  Cheap Monday jeans / Uniqlo cashmere sweater / Zara bag / Moxham store cuff / Asos wool blend coat 


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Photos by Vika Paskelyte

A little come back, huge reality shock, so many changes but here I am - finally made it through summer and saying 'hello' to the new season and the new beginning(s). Furthermore, I am taking back this blog to where it all began - back home to Lithuania! It's hard to express myself and those mixed feelings when moving countries but I am so happy I will stop here in Vilnius for a while (going backwards and forwards to London, of course!) So stay tuned for some new outfits and stuff but this time I am leaving you with my casual chilly summer look which can easily be a perfect combo for an early autumn start: a sprinkle of glitter on my top, good old pal - denim, obviously, and some reds. Thanks to Melissa for these comfy little babies on my tired feet!

P.s. How do you like my new hairdo? I have never ever had hair this short in my life, but must admit, I love love love it!
Wearing Givenchy bag / Topshop denim skirt / vintage sweater / Melissa shoes / GAP belt