Sunday, August 05, 2012

From the nature to the city & from ancient to modern that's how this post looks like. This is an ordinary summer day with my boy love, his vintage motorbike and me wearing casual clothes. Calm and sweet. I know that in the winter time I'm gonna miss days like this that's why I'm trying to take everything from every single summer day to conserve a lot of sunny and bright memories in cold days. Talking about my favorite way to spend my time in the city, it consists of two parts: the first part is to find a quiet and remote place ( the best option surly is a place somewhere in the nature ) just relax and take my time. The second part is to take a walk around the city, meet my friends or maybe just go shopping.
Especially I like to do it in the early evening, when the city is beautifully illuminated by the sun. And how are you spending your free summer days while staying in the city?

That's it for today,
keep calm,

P.s. I'm wearing Zara black blouse/dress, white Converse sneakers, B&W leather backpack and vintage necklace.